Dinner @ Ramen Yah wih IBS Peeps

I was glad I said "count me in" to the Iligan Bloggers Society appointment today.  I was really praying I could make it because it's been quite awhile that I have not gone out with my IBS family.  Tonight's destination was at Ramen Yah!

Ramen for sure sounds NOODLES to me!  Yes, it is quick-cooking noodles served in broth.  Hindi ko alam saan ako pinaglihi but I can clearly recall that I love anything noodles while growing up.  I can even proudly say I can live with it breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Until now, I still crave even at this time when desserts abound anywhere.

In the past year, the only noodle house I knew in my humble place called Iligan City is the Ramen Yah.  I knew about the place because I can pass by it when I go beyond the Tambo crossroads.  I remember the first time I went there was raining hard but I sure did ate one big bowl of noodles that night.  I haven't been there again until earlier this evening.  Big thanks to the owner Sir Glenn for inviting to Ramen Yah so we can have a taste of their upcoming addition to their menu.

Tonight's food were the following but let me warn you ahead, if you love noodle soup like me, then drool all you can! lol!

The number of dishes served where quite much for us three.  There were five of us who agreed to do this trip but two were not able to make it.

So, drool now! lol!

Mango-sushi Maki (Php 180)
It is an ample serving.  I guess too much for two persons.  The bite size is enough to make you burp. lol!  Maki is always one of the dishes I ordered when dining at a Japanese food house. 

Spicy Tantamen (Php 199.00)

According to my companions, Lai (Pinay Travelings) & Mike (Iliganon Ko) said that it is their top fave of the 4 kind of ramen they served us this evening.  The broth and topping is of pork meat so I cannot agree by tasting it.  But the satisfied look on their faces is enough to convince me that this is a must for those who love the pork taste in noodle soups.

Shoyu Ramen (Php 149.00)
This dish is of beef broth with thin slice of beef meat as toppings.  Lai got this.  She had half and I had half of the half part.  This is her first and mine is the new chicken ramen they are going to serve starting soonest.  For beef lovers, they gonna love this!

Tonkotsu ramen (Php 149.00)

This is the ramen with pork toppings and the one who is seriously on a diet had this.  Only Lai and Mike tasted this since I cannot.  But I feel that comparing the first three noodle dish I showed here, to them, the spicy one is still their first yummiest. :)  Only half of the noodles of this was consumed.

Black Garlic Ramen (Php ___)

Price to follow later
For those who cannot eat pork and beef, this is the best one with the chicken flavor.  I had this.  And for me, the broth was way too heavy for a big serving like that.  I had more than half and had Lai taste it.  She confirmed that yes, the broth was a lil bit strong for her palate.  I love this but maybe next time I love it in a lighter brooth.  This will be one of their new offers this time.

For those who are not into meat, they can request for ramen in vege broth and tofu toppings .  They can call the restaurant ahead or message them at Facebook if tofu toppings is readily available.  Sir Glenn & Claire said that they can serve the vegetarian choice if the ingredients are available.  So better call ahead.

Now do not think that these are all what were served us.  Here's more:

Karage maki (Php 110.00)
Six pieces is much enough for two people.  The same as the sushi maki, one bit size can already make you full especially if one is on a diet.  

 I really thought these are all that will be served us.  I think they are too much for three although we are praying that the other two will come to help us finish these blessings.

There's more ---

Karage Bento (Php 179.00)

This is the chicken bento.  According to the owner, this is one of their sellable combo.  I agree because If I have to chose, I'll have this and one bowl of ramen for everyone to share. 

While we started on our noodles, we must start already because the noodles started to absorp the soup to make the noodles soggy, the gyoza fried dumplings came.  I was alerady eating when it came so I was not able to take a photo. ha ha ha

We were drooling on the food while taking photos (trying to make nice ones) so we became hungry eventually. 

So, here's the some of us from Iligan Bloggers Society.  Me with the famous Pinay Travelista and Iliganon Ko.  Feeling ko na din na famous ko. lols!

The whole experience is a thumbs up.  All the dishes tastes were great but eating 2-3 kinds at one time, makes me lanag. I will definite go back there with my daughter.  They still have more to offer that I wanna try.  My companions are also coming back with their fave buddies. :)

Us with the owner/manager, Sir Glenn, who invited us to have a glimpse and have a taste of what they can offer to anyone who loves Japanese ramen.

So if you are in Iligan and around Iligan, do drop by the place.  It is along the highway in Tambo.  So easy to spot.

So, let me end this post with the following food quotes. Oh I just love them. Makes me miss my food quote meme every Tuesday many years back. :)

People who love to eat are always the best people. --Julia Child

You don't need a silver fork to eat good food. -- Paul Prudhomne


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